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'73 Colt S/A
'73 Colt S/A "Indian'

This is a very early mfg.d' Colt S/A that has has been exposed to the elements and is now frozen .  Although the serial numbers are no longer visible it still has two feature that would date it as being manufactured before serial number 8000. The first early feature is the absence of a bevel at the front of the cylinder. The second is the absence of a bolt guide to the cylinder locking notch. These guides were first introduced in 1874 at the serial 8000 range.  The pistol would have originally started life with wooden grips which have since been replaced with gutta percha grips.  The original 7 1/2 " barrel has been shortened to 5"  . The ejector rod and ejector head have been purposely removed which is a feature that is often found on Indian used Colts. The 5-6 empty cartridge casing tell us that whoever was using this pistol on it's last day of use never had the chance to relaod.  A very eye appealing relic Colt. 


Price: $1,295.00