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Rev. War
Rev. War "Historic" Powder Horn

This historic powder horn was just acquired from the sixth generation grandson of Thomas Nelson, Jr. of Yorktown.  A copy of the letter of provenance and the family tree from Thomas Nelson Jr. to the last living family member from whom the horn was acquired will come with the powder horn.  Thomas Nelson Jr. was an original signer of the Declaration of Independence and the second Governor of Virginia succeeding Thomas Jefferson. The horn exhibits a great 250 year old patina but the scrimsaw inscription is still readable.  ." Made for John Glover-Leberty(sic) -Brave Amarica(sic)-Feb.12, 1776.  Don't know what the connection was between John Glover and Thomas Nelson Jr. was outside of both men being prominent leaders in the American Revolution.  In any case, a wonderful looking Powder Horn with some great early American history. The horn measures 12" o/a with a 3" x 1" bulbous wooden base. There's a barely noticable 2" hairline age crack which is stable.  


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