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Rem. Carbine .44 cal.- Apache Warrior
Rem. Carbine .44 cal.- Apache Warrior "Perico"

This is a very historic weapon that was taken from Perico ,who was Geronimo's  cousin.  It was taken from him at their surrender in 1886 at Skeleton Canyon A.T.  The inscription is old and of the period . It  exhibit's a century of corrosion on top of the engraving and states " Captured from Apache Warrior Perico at Geronimo's Surrender Skeleton Canyon, A.T. Sept. 4, 1886 " .  The stock wrist has been stamped  Fort Bowie  which is where Geronimo  and his band were housed until they were shipped off to Florida and eventually to Oklahoma. The U.S on the butt tang was purposely defaced.  The carbine will come with a pretty substantial file containing photo's and history. 


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