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19h Century  Scrimshaw
19h Century Scrimshaw

‚ÄčThis is a beautiful example of 19th century scrimshaw. The top exhibits a Rampant Colt which is the Colt Logo. Using a loop you can see remnant's of green ink in the engraving. The body exhibit's the cylinder scene that is on all model 1851 Colt Navy's. It depicts the battle between the Texas Navy and Mexico which was fought on May 10, 1863.  The dimension's are 3"X 2 1/4"X 2 1/4". This may have been a ornament on a desk set has there's small hole in the back to attach it.  I would assume that this originally belonged to higher up in the Colt organization.  I've had this great piece in my personal collection for over 30 years. Would look great in any serious Scrimshaw or Colt collection.

Price: $1,500.00