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Rev. War Charleville Musket - ' Maryland '
Rev. War Charleville Musket - ' Maryland '

Revolutionary War identified arms are exceedingly scarce these days.  This musket is stamped U.S on it's lock so we know that it ended up in one of the Continental Armory's at one time. It's also branded Maryland on it's fore stock which is well worn but readable.  Thomas Daley has carved his name on the right buttstock. He joined the 2nd Maryland Regiment commanded by Colonel Thomas Price on Jan.1, 1777 for a 3 year term. There's also another name carved under his which may have been his sweetheart . The first name is Catherine but the second name isn't discernable. The action works fine on both half and full cock.

Before the War Thomas Daley owned a tavern in what would become Rockville, Maryland. One of it's original names was  Daley's Tavern.  I've put together a rather thick file on him which contains his personal history and National Archives military records.




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