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Capt. Sidney Sherman-Kentucky Volunteer Newport Rifles-1835
Capt. Sidney Sherman-Kentucky Volunteer Newport Rifles-1835

This is the most Historic piece I've ever owned.  Sidney Sherman raised and equipped a group of Volunteer Rifleman in the fall of 1835 with the purpose of aiding Sam Houston in Texas. He gathered funds from prominent business people in Cincinnati and was able to equip his men with Rifles, gear and uniforms. Also two 6 pound cannons which became known as the Twin Sisters by the men at the Battle of San Jacinto . Capt. Sherman was promoted to Col. by Sam Houston and put in charge of the cannons. When he arrived in Gonzalez he was ordered not to proceed to the Alamo by Sam Houston which didn't sit well with him nor his men.  However, they did do battle with Santa Anna at San Jacinto and Sidney Sherman is credited with being the first to say "Remember the Alamo" as he led his men into battle.
The sword is all original with the proper age and wear to the inscription. If you look close you can still see some of the original gold gilding at the bottom of the engraved inscription. I've accumulated a considerable file that will come with this wonderrful piece of  Texas History. It doesn't get better than this. 


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