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S & W .44 D/A First Mdl.
S & W .44 D/A First Mdl.

​I found this historic pistol at the Denver show many years ago. It came with the Postmaster General  letter dated August 29, 1921 addressed to Mr. John G. Farr,Antlers , Okla  . On the back of the letter, the son ( Arthur T. Farr ) dated(Aug.23,1923) and wrote out that his father knew Belle Starr and obtained her pistol after her murder. I've done a geneology search and it all checks out . ​John G. Farr ​ was a major in the Confederate army and served under General Fagan .At the close of the War he joined a band of Confederates who declined to surrender and headed to Mexico. But in 1868 , he re-crossed the Rio Grande, and came to Indian Territory (Okla.), later receiving from Gen.Fagan, then Federal Marshal of the Choctaw Nation, his appointment as Deputy. In 1878 he married the niece of the govenor of the Choctaw nation . He served as Deputy Marshal until 1885. In that year , he made a horseback survey from Paris, Texas to Fort Smith , Ark. for the proposed Frisco Railroad route and the following year selected the site of Antler, Okla. He practised law in the Choctaw Courts serving three terms as County Judge of Forks County before statehood and during this time was also postmaster of Antlers.  Belle Starr ​ was murdered on Feb. 3, 1889 while living in the Choctaw Nation , near the Canadian River, by a unknown assassin who killed her from ambush using a shotgun. John G.Farr ​was there at the time and certainly connected to the Choctaw Nation and the law.

​The pistol was renickeled during it's of use and exhibits considerable wear . The handstamped  Belle Starr I.T. (Indian Territory) on the barrel is  heavily worn and has remnants of the old nickel in the lettering. The son in his letter believes his father may have stamped the name on the pistol but I believe it was there when he acquired  it as the refinishing was done after the name was applied as evidenced by the wear on it . The pistol is a early gun serial # 223.  Much of what I've stated here I've include in my photo's. Please review and if you have any question call . 


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