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Texas Ranger - Burgess Shotgun
Texas Ranger - Burgess Shotgun

A very interesting and historic shotgun carried by a Captain in the Texas Rangers. The receiver is inscribed Will A. Wright Texas Ranger  which is obviously a engravers error. Will Wright was in law enforcement most of his life. In 1892 he was named Deputy Sheriff of Wilson Co. under Sheriff John Craighead.  In 1898 he joined the Frontier Battalion and served in that organozation for 2 years. When the new Ranger Force was organized in 1901 he enlisted in Co.D under Capt.John Rogers at Cotulla, Tx. When his enlistment was up in 1902 he was elected Sheriff of Wilson Co. where he served for the next 15 years. He resigned as Sheriff in 1917 to join the Rangers again. Gov. Hobby authorized  him to form his own Company of 16 men which were to be headquarted in Laredo, Tx.   He remained with this Company until 1925. when he retired due to a change in Governors.  In 1927 he was called out of retirement by the new Governor and served as Captain of the Texas Rangers  until his final retirement in 1939. He lived a very exciting life on the Texas frontier.  I've collected quite a lot of info. on him including shoot outs , all his enlistment papers and more numerous newspaper articles than I have the room to list here. The file is over an 1" thick.

The shotgun itself is in very good shape and functions properly. It's serial number is 2991. 



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