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Rev. War Mdl. 1763 'Charleville'  Pistol
Rev. War Mdl. 1763 'Charleville' Pistol

A Rev.War Patriot's pistol bought directly from the family .  Georgia Lee Alford of Garrettsville, Ohio whose husband William was deceased , sold it in 1950. I did a geology search and was able to affirm that her husband William was a direct descendant of Elijah Alford.  The pistol will come with quite a bit of personal family paperwork and pamphlets. He was a Minuteman in Col. John Fellows Regt. and marched to the Lexington Alarm of Apr.19,1775.  Refer to the cover sheet for all his service. After the war he became a Deacon in his church , The First Congressional Church of Becket , Ma.. In 1810 he lead his congregation into the Northwest Territory of Ohio. to a area known as the Western Reserve.  In 1811 he founded The First Congregational Church of Windham, Ohio.  This was true frontier living and a family booklet chronicling their adventures named "Becket Sons in a Massachusetts Settlement of New Connecticut".  The pistol is in fine shape with very good action. The barrel tang is marked M1763 and the lock show the pistol was a product of the Charleville arsenal .  The right grip has a M carved into it . This may stand for Massachusetts. Thanks to the efforts of Silas Deane and Ben Franklin we were able to acquire these older arms from France.   

Price: $8,950.00