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Rev. War Fowler-Musket
Rev. War Fowler-Musket

A very historic musket that had been in the Hutchins  family for 5 generations.  It was carried by "Soloman Hutchins " in the Revolutionary War while he served in Capt. Daniel's New Hampsire Co. at the Siege of Boston and Ft. Sullivan.  In Oct. 1777 served as a marine on the Sloop Ranger under the command of Capt. John Paul Jones.  He participated in the battle and capture of the British ship Drake off the coast of France. In 1779 he again server on the Ranger under Capt.Simpson and was appointed coxswain . He had many more adventures on the Ranger which will be included with the musket In the War of 1812 he enlisted in the 2nd Regt. Mass. Militia. 
The musket is 60" o/a with a 45 1/2" barrel of .72 cal.  It appears to be American cherry stocked with typical New England archetecture. I believe the barrel is also of American mfg and retains a bayonet lug. The perc. converted lock has a slight banana shape. The ramrod has been replaced.  A good looking musket/fowler in very good shape with a great patina.  This historic piece will come with a notarized affidavit attesting to it's history.​ *It will be featured in author Jim Whisker's new book on gumakers of New Hampshire and Rhode Island.
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