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Marlin Shotgun & Elgin Pocket Watch
Marlin Shotgun & Elgin Pocket Watch

A neat grouping that belonged to a man who participated in some of the last of the Indian War fighting.  The Elgin pocket watch is inscribed " Sgt. John Bouck Troop K 1st U.S Cav. Mont. Terr. 1887 " . Also, on the side of the Marlin shotgun is the inscription " John Bouck Mont. Terr." The shotgun retains most of it's original blue and the stock is also in very good shape The action is as smooth as the day it left the factory. On the pocket watch the key is missing but when you jiggle it it runs. I don't think it will be a problem finding a key as they were pretty much universal by 1887.
I have a pretty good file on this outfit and Sgt. Bouck. He was stationed at Ft. Mckinney when the Crows went on the war path under a Medicine Chief by the name of  Sword Bearer . He got his name from a sword  which he painted blood red and he'd wirl around in battle . He had convinced the Crow warriors that followed him that he had magical powers and under hIm they were invincible. 
Eventually, this led to a battle between the Crow under Sword Bearer and the 1st. Cav. under Capt. Edwards..The battle didn't last long for as soon as Sword Bearer was killed the rest on the warriors jumped in the water and washed off their war paint. Sgt. Bouck also was involved with the Ghost Dance uprising and Wounded Knee . In 1892 he was among the U.S Cav. troopers who were called in to restore order in what became know as the Johnson County War.
A nice set with some really great Western history!

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