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F&I -  Rev.War   Kentucky Rifle
F&I - Rev.War Kentucky Rifle

A beautiful example of a early Revolutionary War Pennsylvania Long Rifle.  The unbridled lock is signed  Bees  which I believe to be  Michael Bez  of Lancaster. He's listed as a early Lancaster gunsmith in 1758-1759. In the 18th & early 19th century our illiteracy rate was very high. I've seen many  examples of gunsmiths spelling their name differently on different rifles. The architecture of this rifle would indicate it's Lancaster heritage.  It's curly maple stock exhibits a early wooden lid patchbox and it's ramrod appears to be original to the gun.  This rifle is circa 1750-1760 period. It's 46" swamped rifled  barrel is an impressive .60 cal. The gun is still in it's original flintlock condition and has had it's touch hole rebushed in it's period of use. The wrist escutcheon is secured by brass squire shanked nails as is a period wood repair around the barrel tang. The stock exhibits a incised carved border from it's buttplate to it's oval wrist and then the full length of it's forestock.  The buttplate is almost 2" wide.  This rifle will come with a two page letter from Joe Kindig Jr. dated 1963 discussing these early Rev.War Kentucky's and some collector papers attesting to the fact the rifle was on loan to Ft. Ligonier Museum in the 1980's.  A rare opportunety to own one of these Rev.War Kentucky Rifles, as they seldom come up for sale. 


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