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1873 Colt U.S
1873 Colt U.S

This is a really outstanding Colt ​Artillery Model . It retains ​90%+ of it's blue finish on the barrel and cylinder. The frame exhibits 95%  all of it's case colors. This pistol was refurbished in the 1902-1903 era. It has a correct replacement barrel, cylinder and grips. All with the proper RAC sub-inspector's initials. The butt strap serial number was polished off at the time of refurbishing and the butt strap still exhibits some minor erosion. However, it still retains it's original sub-inspector's initial W ( E.C. Wheeler) on the top flat. The bore is beautiful and may be unfired as the walls of the cylinder chambers retain all their original blue finish. The action is smooth and crisp.  I've included in my pictures copies of  pages from  Kopec's "Cavalry & Artillery Revolvers " that relate to this pistol. This is one of the best, if not the best Artillery I've ever offered for sale. 


Price: SOLD!!!
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