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Mdl.1870 Trapdoor Springfield
Mdl.1870 Trapdoor Springfield

​A really fine and exceedingly rare Indian War Carbine.  There were only 341 of these produced and when  found today are usually in very rough shape.  This wonderful carbine is one of the nicest ones I've ever seen.  The bore is great with a beautiful shine. The metal  has acquired a beautiful untouched patina over it's original bright finish. The stock has some scabbard wear from being carried on horseback. There's a minor hairline crack where the trapdoor retaining pin entire's the stock channel. This is stable and is solid. The lock is correct with a two click tumbler and has a smooth crisp action. Worthy of an advanced Indian War Collection. 

​I just aded a picture showing the scribe lines where the barrel mets the breech.  


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