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Rev.War East India Co. Brown Bess
Rev.War East India Co. Brown Bess

​This is a very interesting and quit rare musket. There's only a few known of which four are in museums. One's in the Smithsonian , one's in Springfield Armory museum​ and two are in the Maine State museum( Maine was part of Mass. in the Rev.War) . The Smithsonian beleives that these early East India Co Brown Bess muskets exhibiting "to MS"  were American privateer captured muskets given to the State of Massachusetts . ​The reason they went to the State of Massachusetts is because of the long standing animosity that existed between the State and the East India Co. going back to the ​Boston Tea Party ( it was East India Co. tea that was dumped in the harbor)​.  This musket is in fine+ condition with much of it's original finish under a golden brown patina. The action works well with a strong spring and release's equally well on both half and full cock. The lock is signed Wilson  ​under the pan and East India Co. 1779 behind the cock. The barrel has his R.W (Richard Wilson) under a asterisk between two British proofs with the East India Co. heart shaped merchant mark and ​Wilson 1779 to MS. The MS is also stamped on the stock flat by the top sideplate screw. 

​I've included in the pictures a photo of one of these rare muskets with it's write up that went through Rock Island Auctions. Also, one of these that's on display at the Springfield Armory museum.  


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