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'60 Colt Army &  Slim Jim Holster
'60 Colt Army & Slim Jim Holster

​This is a pretty neat outfit. The slim Jim holster has a old label attached to it with the name J.S.Rayburn. The loop has the initals J S R over 46  I. This is a little hard to read do to wear but is still readable. The pistol is a mdl.1860 Colt Army U.S mfg'd in 1861.  Pvt. Rayburn ​would have had to have acquired this pistol on the battlefield. The action is good and all the visible serial numbers match. The gun is well worn and has some holster wear at the muzzle. The grips have what I thought originally was a wood repair but when I removed the grip to examine I saw it was a piece of rawhide that's been cut down in order to fit flush to the grip. Originally​ this would have been a full loop that the soldier would have used as a lanyard to attach it to his belt. I've seen this on many Confederate used pistols over the years. Please refer to the pictures for the folder on Pvt. Rayburns  service


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