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Factory Cased & Engraved 1849 Colt - Texas
Factory Cased & Engraved 1849 Colt - Texas

This is a rare little gem indeed.  Factory cased and engraved by ​Gustav Young  ​with ivory grips that have been polychromed in red and green with the owners name ( A. A. Patterson ) and the Texas Flag . I've put together a file on ​Cpl. Patterson ​that will come with the outfit. He joined the Dewitt Rifles Apr. 22 1861. On Sept.1 ,1862 he joined the 14th ​Texas Light Artillery ​and served through May 26, 1865. He survived the War and is listed on the 1870 & 1875 tax rolls for Dewitt County, Texas.  The pistol is in fine condition with crisp  and sharp engraving . If you look closely you can see that all the screws are also engraved. All the serial numbers match and the action is smooth.  The case contains a beautiful Eagle flask with most of it's original lacquer finish, a Colt patent mold, mint screw driver, and Eley cap tin.  Civil War ​Texas  ​identified pieces are rare but doubly rare and desirable is a cased Gustav Young  engraved pistol.  Super outfit!


Price: $12,950.00
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