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Western Saddlebags w/hidden 1877 Colt 'Thunderer'
Western Saddlebags w/hidden 1877 Colt 'Thunderer'

A very attractive Western outfit.  The saddlebags w/hidden holster are by San Franciso dealers "Main & Winchester" . They were made with the hidden holster and are in near perfect shape with some beautiful hand tooling.  It comes with a Colt .41 cal. "Thunderer"  that exhibits a pair of pearl grips with a minor crack and chip.  This doesn't detract from the eye appeal of the pistol at all and the grips give off a beautiful irradiant tone .  The pistol itself retains about 85% of it's original factory nickle with beautiful blue screws and all the serial numbers match.  Also the action is good on both double and single action.  A good looking old west outfit. 
For a similar rig refer to page 275 in"A study of " Colt Conversions nd Other Percussion Revolvers" by Bruce McDowell.


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