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Rev.War New England Fowler
Rev.War New England Fowler

This beautiful New England Fowler is the product of  John Hills ​who worked with his father in Goshen ,Ct.  John moved to Winchester shortly before the War begin and to Charlotte, Vt. after the War.  The gun is identified as his worked by his initials I.H ( I & J were interchangeable in this time period) on the inside of the lock plate . Also, it exhibits two of his trademarks . The semi-pointed breech tang with a raised rear sight and the leaf pattern raised pad carved at the barrel tang about 1" in diameter and decorated with radial lines.  The tasteful engraving at the barrel breech and around the front sight is similar to known works of his. Refer to Tom Grinslade book "Flintlock Fowlers - The first Guns Made in America " pages 69, 77 ,78  for examples . In 1777  John Hills  ​was a member of of the militia in Capt. Hodges company.​ This is a War time produced gun as evidenced by the absence of his name on any exterior parts. 

The gun exhibits classic New England architecture with a pronounced roman nose butt stock. The brass furniture is American sheet brass with a high copper content which is evidenced best on the nose of the butt plate where it's worn. The .70 cal  43 3/4" barrel oct/rd. with a raised top rib which runs to within a inch of the muzzle. The action works fine on both half and full cock.  These early New England Fowlers are what the militia's were using at Lexington & Corcord ​.............      

Price: $6,500.00
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